Well now, you should be smiling anyhow. In any hurly burly busy day, you and those around you should be making time for a wisecrack or two. It lightens the mood of a highly stressful day. You know what they say; laughter is the best medicine. And an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Not that you should be chasing your dentist away, but just saying. These days, you and pretty much everyone else spends a lot of time online.


So why don’t you do yourself this favor. The next time you are forced to go down to the sidewalk to take a smoke break, check out online sites like rightsmilecenter.com and see how they get folks like you to smile again. And there you go, that’s why you’ve been hiding your smile all this time. You’ve been far too embarrassed to show the public your yellowing and crooked teeth. That’s quite understandable.

It does not look nice at all. And that’s why your teeth are so yellow. You’ve been smoking, for crying out loud. And forget about those smoker’s specials, those ‘teeth whitening’ toothpastes. You’ve tried them and you’ve seen how they don’t really work out for you. They’ll never, not if you carry on smoking like this. And if you really want to reduce those stress levels of yours, you might want to cut down on your smoking habit.

And while you’re at the water cooler to collect another cup of purified water, you’ll crunch on a juicy Granny Smith too. But then again, maybe your teeth are loose and sensitive and the healthy apple is sadly just too difficult to chew on. Even more difficult to chew on is a lifetime of gum disease and tooth decay.