Your First Dentistry Consultation; What To Expect

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It is hard to imagine that as an adult, this would be your first ever visit to the dentist. But perhaps it has been a while. And finally you have summoned up enough motivation to schedule a first appointment after all the years. You will be pleasantly surprised to experience that from the moment your first consultation proceeds, you will be experiencing quality dentistry rockaway beach ny all the way through.

After the consultation is completed, it is best to proceed with the dental exam. This will be the first serious thing your new dentist will be doing for you. This exam is no quick once-over. It is quite thorough and quality dentistry requires your dentist to conduct a series of tests. This will help him to determine the current health of your oral and dental structure. The most obvious thing that dentists look out for is tooth decay.  

But they also look to see if there has been any bone loss and grinding damage to the teeth. After eating or subconsciously nervous, you may have a tendency to grind your teeth without even realizing it. Apart from checking out for tooth decay, the dentist will want to see if any gum disease has occurred. Dentists like to refer to the latter in clinical terms as periodontal disease. A more complex test that you may not have expected is that of testing for oral cancer.

Of course, this nothing to be alarmed about. In most cases, should this ever happen, the dentist will be able to treat it. Note also that the dentist is also defined as a clinical periodontist. Whether any work will be required or not after these tests, your dentist will be reminding you to come and see him more often.

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